Post-Match Performance Analysis





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A comprehensive, professionally-oriented course

Very happy to have taken part in this course. The content is varied, both in format (articles, videos) and content. I particularly appreciated the videos by Oliver Gage, who is always very precise in his explanations. The data manipulation exercises are also very interesting and serve as a real-life situation.
The Post-Match Analysis Plan, which must be handed in at the end of the course, helps students question their current skills and put into practice what they've learned throughout the modules.
I learned a lot and would recommend this course to anyone wishing to professionalize their approach to soccer analysis.

Post Match Analysis course review

This is a really great course. I've done a number of different online courses since getting into analysis, firstly as a hobby and then when working in football professionally. This is comfortably the best I've done and I genuinely felt I learnt things from this, where many of the others felt like just ticking a box to pick up a certificate as none of the content was anything I hadn't already learnt myself.

I liked the blend of written & video content as well as the tasks. Fully recommended.


This is a great course, really sums up how to analyse after a match.

Evidence Based Coaching Plan Review

I would recommend this to anyone at all levels of the game to take this. It provides insight on how to implement a robust analysis plan. The depth of information was great and was delivered in a very digestible manner. You can work at your own pace which is great for anyone working or studying full-time. Brilliant course!

Vasileios Samprakos
A very beneficial learning experience!

As someone who has taken several different courses on the subject of performance analysis I can say that this course was a very beneficial learning experience with a lot of enlightening insights on the culture of analysis. They are sure to help one build a good mindset. Thank you!