About the AFPA

APFA-The Association of Professional Analysis was formed by Analysts, for Analysts and aims to represent the football analysis industry worldwide. We aim to tackle a number of key issues and improve the industry via active education, community, career progression and goodwill.

For a long time football analysis has been publicly represented by individuals or companies who many cases have no background in applying analysis theory in practice in the real world. Some of them have ulterior motives, while some are simply trying to build a brand, reputation or following online. The level of discussion and analysis work in the public sphere often adds little value, and the rise of click bait content has watered down the reputation and understanding of what quality analysis can offer coaches, players or the football industry as a whole.

This gives people the feeling that they can already deliver quality analysis. Coaches and key decision makers think it’s a simple job, because what they see as ‘analysis’ publicly on social media and TV is often far from what a good analyst can provide a team or player. 

This has had a huge impact in a number of areas including professional Analyst salaries, the rise of unpaid internships, and poor working conditions.

While nobody has the right to ‘own’ the analysis space and ‘gatekeep’ who can and can’t represent our profession, this situation has caused some major issues for the analysis industry. Public awareness and understanding is undoubtedly improving, but among many Analysts there’s a feeling there’s still a long way to go.

The APFA will have a large focus on personal development with bespoke formal and informal education and  mentorship for existing and aspiring Analysts & Coaches. We also aim to bolster the Analysis community by providing tools for our members, improving job awareness and working conditions for current or aspiring Analysts.

Our 4 Corner Model

Active Education

We believe education is key to improving the understanding and implementation of football analysis.
A key theme we found was too many courses offered by Scouts or Coaches with no or little real-life experience as an Analyst themselves.
APFA courses are built by professional Analysts and the Coaches who work with them daily. By combining the two we hope to deliver best in class education.
We’ll also be providing regular webinars, written content, ‘how to’ guides, expert interviews and other educational resources.


The football analysis profession has been heavily influenced by a strong  community of Analysts sharing their knowledge and insights. We aim to continue this culture and empower them however possible.
This is especially the case for amateur Analysts not working for clubs or analysis providers who are hoping to start their career. We aim to expose them to more readers, watchers and ultimately, people who may want to employ them.

Career Progression

Powered by our active education and community principles, the APFA strives to help Coaches and Analysts progress in their careers should they wish to do so.
Through networking events, education, highlighting job opportunities, mentorship programs and connections to paid roles, we aim to improve access to opportunities in football.


We recognize the lack of diversity in professional football analysis. Gender, race, economic background disability, and sexual orientation have all been, and continue to be barriers for many.
The APFA commits to providing opportunities for these groups via discounted or free education and mentorship.
The APFA will also donate to a range of other selected charitable organizations who are mostly but not exclusively based in sport.

Meet Our Ambassadors

The APFA was formed to improve the quality and understanding of football analysis worldwide, and represent Analysts and the analysis industry. Meet our ambassadors.