Leaders In Football Analysis

Proudly representing the football analysis industry.

Leaders In Football Analysis

Proudly representing the football analysis industry.

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Recognizing the need for more diversity and inclusion in the football anaysis industry, the APFA will gladly donate a portion of its revenue to selected good causes, and offer discounted or free education to those less fortunate.

Football Analysis Courses:

Post Match Performance Analysis Course

Post-Match Performance Analysis

Learn how analysis can help build and reinforce a team's playing philosophy, impact post-game video review, individual player development, training session design and feedback to players.

Individual Player Development Analysis Course

Individual Player Development & Analysis

Throughout the course you'll create an individual development plan and build metrics to measure, analyze and feedback key aspects of player development to an individual to boost their development.

Opposition Scouting & Analysis Course

Opposition Scouting & Analysis

A step-by-step guide to building a professional opposition report. Complete tasks on tactical diagrams, video descriptions, using data to highlight trends, with insights from professional Opposition Analysts and the Head Coaches they work with.

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