Rugby Analysis Example

Rugby Analysis Example

I was doing some analysis for a local amateur rugby side the other day and I though it would be worth sharing. It’s a very basic analysis, but it is the first time this squad has been subjected to having their game looked at from this perspective and to be honest a lot of things went wrong on the pitch so there was no need to delve to deep to find some immediate problems.

I had a quick conversation with the head coach about what he was looking for, mainly the two major set-pieces Lineouts & Scrums as well as the Penalties Conceded and finally the Tackles Missed and Made. The main purpose of this first analysis is give the team and the coach some initial figures (a starting point). As the season progresses we will look at expanding the depth and scope of the analysis we do.

Tagging/coding the game only takes about 40mins as the footage is edited to ball in play already. I spend about another 30 mins preparing the game for presentation and preparing the stats sheet.

Here is the stats sheet I present to the Head Coach along with a highlights DVD

Within the next couple of weeks we will look to delve a lot deeper into the headline figures here. For example; not all tackles are created equally so it’s important that we begin to break these down into main tackler and supporting tackler. It will also be very important that we begin to look at who and where we are missing tackles. A tackle missed on the oppositions 22 is not necessarily the same as one missed on our own 10m line.

Something like this might start to paint a better picture of tackles missed.

Following on from this we will certainly start to look at the individuals involved. For this game it wasn’t possible because of the camera angle and also the numbers on the jersey’s were impossible to make out (they are changing the jerseys). Once I can identify the numbers of the players it will be much easier to start identifying other aspects of play, especially turnovers. In week two and three I will add to my stats sheet above with something like this.

I know the analysis above is not going to blow anybody away with it’s revelations but I think my job as an analyst is as much about getting the facts understood as finding facts. I think there is enough information contained above to highlight some glaring weaknesses. As things hopefully improve we can start to look closer at each individuals performance.

As always any comments, criticisms or opinions welcome.

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