Performance Analysis Training Courses

Performance Analysis Training Courses

I usually do my best to avoid mentioning companies on this blog, I am not interested in promoting one software/service over another but when it comes to education I take a different view. Thats why I’m more than happy to give Prozone’s upcoming Performance Analysis Training Courses a mention.

I have heard great things about the training day and having exposure to as many software’s as possible is great for your CV.

Prozone: “Our Performance Analysis training courses provide the opportunity for people to attend a professionally delivered course focused on Performance Analysis in football using the industry’s leading analysis software. Upon successful completion of students will have gained a valued qualification, essential experience, and skills that will enhance a CV when applying for roles within the industry.”

What you can expect:

  • Affordable: 2-day on-site training course from just £195
  • Open to all: Perfect for anyone interested in a career in sports science, football or performance analysis
  • Hands on study: Using Prozone’s world-leading Performance Analysis software; MATCHVIEWER (Level 1), PROZONE3 and TREND (level 2),RECRUITER (level 3)
  • Tailored learning: Offering candidates the opportunity to experience the day to day nature of performance analysis.
  • Tutor experience: Over 25 years of combined industry experience working with all types of prestigious clients.

To learn more and book your place check out:

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