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Welcome to Data-Driven Opposition Scouting & Analysis by The Association of Professional Football Analysis!

Throughout this course we’ll use real, professional football data-sets from providers like Stats Bomb, Wyscout & Stats Perform (opta). These providers are used by most professional clubs around the world, meaning we can help deliver a more realistic educational experience. If you’re not familiar with these companies, please take some time to watch the videos below.

For a more fun learning experience, throughout this course we’re going to take on the role of the opposition data analyst for Arsenal as they progress through the rounds of the 2019/2020 F.A. Cup.

We’ll use this journey to investigate at the strengths and weaknesses of Bournemouth, Sheffield United, Man City & eventually our opponents in the final – Chelsea. Throughout the course we’ve designed tasks and exercises to investigate different aspects of these teams using data.

We’ve also got video interviews from some world class data analysts and data scientists adding their experiences and insights into working with professional clubs to help prepare them to win games.

Contributor bio’s needed.

The Association of Professional Football Analysis has worked hard to build relationships with these well-respected companies and staff to provide a best in class educational experience. Please respect this hard work and do not share any of the data sets provided in this course with anybody else.

An Opposition Analyst at a professional club is almost certainly comfortable with a number of programs linked to video and statistics, and it’s likely an Analysis Department will use something more complex than Microsoft Excel to perform their day-to-day data analysis.

To make things easier, the tasks in this course can all be completed in Excel (Microsoft) or Numbers (Apple/Mac). That being said, if you’re comfortable with more advanced software like Tableau or Power Bi, or you can code using R., Python or another programming language, feel free to use these as you see fit.

The main priority for this course is to help us organize our thoughts and ideas, and provide a structure and way of thinking about the use of data in opposition analysis.

The videos, tasks and articles included in the course modules have been designed to expand knowledge for any learner, no matter their level. The best learning experience will be achieved by watching, reading and taking part in all of the tasks, wile making notes and joining in discussions to share ideas in the comments sections.

Now we’re more familiar with the companies and professional experts we’ll be working with throughout the course, it’s time to get to work.

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