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Introduction To Individual Player Development & Analysis – TRIAL

Welcome to Individual Player Development & Analysis brought to you by the Association of Professional Football Analysis.

Through this course you’ll see why individual development plans play a key role in modern player development, why many clubs are employing specialist coaches focused on only the individual, and how they set developmental targets and measure them over time.

You’ll also see how top clubs and coaches involve players in this process, how they use video and data where appropriate and how they use these measurement insights to design more informed and relevant training and feedback sessions.

As you journey through this program, you’ll build an individual development plan to take away and use for a player of your choosing. This plan is designed for Coaches, Technical Directors and Analysts to make more informed decisions and boost individual player development.

While the focus of this program will be tactical and technical aspects of the game, many of the principles and methodologies you’ll experience can be taken away and adapted to the physical and mental side of the game too.

You’ll find the most success by immersing yourself in the program, watching the videos, completing tasks, and joining in with discussions in the comments section at the bottom of each page.

Be realistic about your time constraints and other resources. Although many of our contributors are from Premier League clubs, don’t aim to build a development plan for a Premier League player if you’re an amateur coach who only sees them a couple of times a week. There’s nothing wrong with being aspirational however, and if you want to build your plan this way then go for it!

Throughout this course, tasks will always appear in a green block like this one.

The first task for the introduction module is to share some information about yourself in the comments section below. Please add your name, where you currently coach or analyze players (if at all) and what you aim to get from this program.


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  1. Admire Nyathi and I am a coach holding a CAF C Diploma. I am currently coach at an academy here in South Africa. I am really thrilled to be starting a journey in analysis. In our region this is one area that is not being used effectively and efficiently hence I want to learn and be well equipped to use for my player development and my growth and development as a coach.

  2. Adam, U9-14 Lead Phase Coach at a Category 2 Academy. I want to improve my use of data to drive development that allows me to feedback to players with more factual information and clear aims and objectives that can be measured and analysed

  3. Steve, Club Director at a youth soccer club. I want to improve our process of individual player feedback and develop a better/more in-depth individual development program. I’m also aiming to improve my own player and game analysis skillset.

  4. My name is Ryan, I am the lead analyst with TSS Rovers FC in Canada. I am looking to further my knowledge and abilities in player development to add another tool to my repertoire to assist players at my club.

  5. Matt, I am an assistant coach at an NCAA D1 women’s soccer program. I’m looking to gain further knowledge on player development and how it can be incorporated to the program

  6. Iovani, I’m a coach for a NCAA D2 men’s soccer program, and am looking to gain more insight to help my players develop and reach their full potential

  7. Samuel, previous experience as a first team analyst at league 1 football club, looking to expand my knowledge with individual tactical and development analysis.

  8. My name is Mohammed, I am an academy coach at Greenock Morton looking to expand my knowledge on individual player analysis and IDP development.

  9. My names Hayden, I am a scout for a football agency, I am looking to understand how to offer more to players in terms of analysis and improving their game.

  10. Jack Dickhausen, senior in college looking to expand my knowledge on individual player development and building an IDP

  11. Julian Aguirre. Currently unattached after being part of the coaching staff this season with Cadete A at CE Europa. Looking to expand my knowledge on individual plays analysis and development.

  12. Andrew Ferguson. Currently Head of Academy Analysis and Coaching at Kettering Town Football Club, looking to develop knowledge on player development and how to implement at different age groups

  13. Tiago Santos, Academy Analyst at GIF Sundsvall, with the goal to improve the development of players to be as ready as possible for senior/professional football.

  14. Greetings, I am Mohamed Nur, a London-based football analyst and content creator. I was pursuing a Master’s degree in Football Analysis, but unfortunately, I had to discontinue due to health issues. I run a YouTube channel named Nurbeats Football Analysis, where I primarily dissect Liverpool FC’s games and individual performances. Navigating the copyright restrictions on YouTube is a significant challenge, but I persist by innovating ways to help my viewers understand my analysis without complete footage.

    While this course could undoubtedly benefit my YouTube channel, my primary motivation lies elsewhere. I have a young son who shows potential as a future footballer. I am eager to guide him towards best practices to maximize his chances of carving out a successful career in football.

  15. Josh Hobbs, Recruitment Analyst at Notts County FC. Though I do not coach players myself, I aim to get greater understanding of player development from this course.