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If you plan to, or already work as, a Performance Analyst then you need to be great at organising your information. The more time you spend on this stuff the less you spend with your athletes which is precisely why you need to invest in your Excel skills today.

Reporting and presentation of results is a key task for any analyst and as Excel is one of the most widely used programmes in the world it’s the perfect platform for you to explore, evolve and prototype your data.

This video series, prepared using Excel 2016 for PC, consists of 9.5 hours of content and will walk through the process and concepts from start to finish. At the conclusion of the course you will have working tools that you can use right away.

The course is designed to for those new to excel as well as those with plenty of experience. You are bound to find, new and more efficient ways to improve your analysis and reporting.

What are the requirements?

  • No requirements! Just motivation.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Master how to make your work unique, create meaningful reports and dashbaords.
  • Understand what it takes to be an Excel pro and get skills that make you stand out.
  • Learn to create professional looking reports, charts and dashboards.

What is the target audience?

  • Current or aspiring analysts looking to improve.
  • Anyone interested in becoming a better at analysing and reporting data.


  • Module 1 – Basics #4 Duration(9:07) – Sort and Filter
  • Module 1 – Basics #3 Duration(34:46) – Cell referencing, Data Entry tips and tricks, Creating a data set
  • Module 1 – Basics #2 Duration(29:29) – Names, Data validation
  • Module 1 – Basics #1 Duration(27:21) – Ribbon, shortcuts, sheet layout, formats, objects, shapes, navigation, hyperlinks
  • Module 2 – Formula #1 Duration(28:59) – Basic formula tutorial, writing and editing. Simple Analyis – sum, avg, stdev, count, small, large, max, min, rank
  • Module 2 – Formula #2 Duration(21:15) – Analysis formula: SUMIF, SUMIFS, AVERAGEIF, AVERAGEIFS, STANDARDIZE
  • Module 2 – Formula #3 Duration(26:15) – Logic Formula: IF, AND, OR, ISNUMBER, IFERROR, —
  • Module 2 – Lookups #1 Duration(37:21) – Overview, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, CHOOSE
  • Module 2 – Lookups #2 Duration(30:47) – INDEX with Single and Multiple returns, Array and Aggregate methods
  • Module 2 – Lookups #3 Duration(24:45) – Lookup entire columns, practical report example
  • Module 3 – Charts #1 Duration(24:02) – Chart wizard, creating a simple chart, chart junk
  • Module 3 – Charts #2 Duration(27:36) – Custom editing options, dynamic charts Using tables and with names, form controls
  • Module 3 – Charts #3 Duration(33:05) – Dashboard charts, chart templates, sparklines, error bars, dealing with missing data, pivot charts
  • Module 4 – Databases, Tables, Pivots #1 Duration(28:45) Creating Tables, adding records, adding columns, total row, style, table formula structure, field names, basic pivots, slicers
  • Module 4 – Databases, Tables, Pivots #2 Duration(16:22) Pivots, Slicers practice, conditional formats in pivots
  • Module 4 – Databases, Tables, Pivots #3 Duration(42:05) Pivots – Grouping by date, Timeline, Slicers, Pivot Chart
  • Module 5 – Project #1 – Olympic Medals Duration(9:44) Olympics – Simple analysis of medals and per capita, per GDP
  • Module 5 – Project #2 – Water Polo Duration(24:48) Water Polo Player KPIs, Pivot Charts, Linking Charts
  • Module 5 – Project #3 – AFL Season Stats Duration(45:04) Formula driven reports using ranges and table options
  • Module 5 – Project #4 – Football Passing Duration(15:11) Football Passing Analysis using linked pivot tables and dynamic charts
  • Module 6 – Introduction to VBA Duration(28:27) Intro to VBA, Recording and Macro, writing a procedure, loops, demo of productivity tools
  • Module 6 – Power BI Demo Duration(7:35) Creating Visualisations in Power BI
  • Module 6 – Excel Surveys Demo Duration(4:51) Using Office 365 to create Excel Surveys



John Lythe is a former sports scientist who is Performance Systems Manager with High Performance Sport New Zealand. John holds a degree in accounting and sports science and complete a PA masters using a combination of Sportscode and GPS. John still works on PA projects for NZ Women’s Hockey & Football teams, building and refining their current systems and their overall concept of player tracking, match effectiveness scores etc

John provides a host of free resources on his massively successful YouTube channel Excel Tricks for Sport

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