APFA’s Individual Player Development & Analysis course is now LIVE

Welcome to football’s first analysis course dedicated to individual player development, and how to build & deliver an individual development plan.

As football evolves, professional clubs are innovating with their staffing structures, and we’ve seen a recent wave of individual development coach & analyst hires. As The Association of Professional Football Analysis looks to deliver more value for our community, we saw the need to match this innovation.

As you journey through this course you’ll build an individual player development plan, learn how to set targets, measure player progress and use insights to better design training & feedback for players.

A group of 15 tested the course recently, including aspiring & professional analysts, youth coaches and an Individual Development Coach at a Champions League club. Their feedback was reviewed to improve the course, and now we’re delighted we feel it’s in a place we’re ready to go live!

“This was an excellent and thorough course on how to build the best IDP booklet for your player. The content and videos especially were engaging and really thought provoking. A must do course for anyone wanting to develop their own skills in individual development!.”

Harry Rose – 1st Team Performance Analyst, Portsmouth FC

Every module features video interviews with professional coaches and analysts, and throughout the course there’s interactive tasks using video and data from professional football. There’s also a good mix of realism, with examples and tasks catering to those who don’t currently work at a professional club.

The lessons you take away can be transferred to youth and amateur football, so whether you’re looking to deliver more value for your current team, or prepare and make yourself more employable for a professional club, we’ve got you covered!

You’ll leave the course with a working IDP for a player of your choosing, and submit it to be reviewed by a professional Individual Coach or Analyst at the end.

For more information, content previews and to sign up and start learning immediately please visit here.

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