Tableau Custom Pitch Zones

This video builds on the previous video about zones on a pitch. Here we explore this Tableau drawing tool; Created by Dave Hart.This tool allows you easily create custom zones in Tableau, you are not restricted to simple shapes. This will work great for other sports like Cricket.

If you find the Tableau Drawing Tool useful you can buy Dave a coffee.


There is one last step here to make this work effectively. The X and Y created here is based on the image dimensions. We need to convert this t the X and Y used in the data collection process. For example I usually use Statsbomb data and their pitch dimension is 120 x 80. The dimensions of my image are 822 x 612 (you can check this by opening the image in MS Paint).

So to convert each X and Y we need to scale it accordingly. For example the Max X created in the Drawing tool will be 822 but I need to scale this to be 120.

To achieve this take each X point generated divide by the MAX of X (822) and multiply by 120. For Y it will be similar – take the Y value divide by the MAX Y (622) then multiply by 80.

This will obviously change depending on your image resolution and pitch dimensions but the principle should be the same.

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