Do you REALLY want to be a Performance Analyst?

Do you REALLY want to be a Performance Analyst?

Definitely the most common question I get asked by email. Students – future students wondering what it takes to get into Performance Analysis. The real answer is it will take a bit (maybe a lot) of luck but you need to be prepared as possible. Inspired by Ben Alamar’s piece So You Want To Work in Sports Analytics? I thought I would add my own thoughts.

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To quote Ben’s piece – and probably the most important bit of advice.

Do Something
This is the part of my rant to budding analysts that is so rarely followed. My advice is to think about questions a coach or general manager would want to know the answer to – something they can practically use in decision making. Then try and answer the question with data. I suggest writing it up in two ways: 1) like a technical report that allows someone with a lot of analytical training to understand precisely what you did, and 2) write it up in one page so that a decision maker can clearly understand the insight provided.

Jobs in Analysis 2023 Online Conference

Jobs in Analysis 2023 – December 7th. Hosted online via Zoom, Jobs in Analysis 2023 will deliver a number of presentations and discussions centered around all things related to employment as an analyst in football. 

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