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Late last week Opta announced details of a very interesting conference they are running in early 2014. Called the Opta Sports Pro Analytics Forum, this event hopes to bring some of the best minds in Football Analytics together in one room where abstracts will be critiqued and no-doubt some great discussions will take place. 

Unlike the many other events of this type on the current calendar, this event is designed to act as a peer review for analytical writing – a chance for the most active people in this field to posit theories, respond to questions or criticism, and further develop their analyses.

The event will be invite-only, and won’t cost anything to attend. You will have the opportunity to meet and speak directly to other key names in this field, as well as present your work to them.

Taking place in London, over the course of a single day, the conference will consist of presentations from football analysts who have submitted abstracts and had them accepted, with each presentation being followed by extended Q+A sessions, with the aim of making a it a true review of analytical work to which we are also inviting club analysts.

This event will be free to attend but is invite only. The best way to get an invite? Write something interesting and you get to have it reviewed by some of the best minds in analytics. Not a bad deal I think. Here are some of the people who will be judging the work. Chris Anderson, co-author of The Numbers Game, Blake Wooster, Co-founder and CEO of 21st Club, Sam Green and Devin Pleuler, OptaPro’s Advanced Data Analysts, as well as other industry-leading judges to be added in the future.

For full details on abstract submission and where to send them check out; http://www.optasportspro.com/en/about/optapro-blog/posts/2013/news-the-optapro-analytics-forum.aspx

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