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Location: Online

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Jobs in Analysis 2023 Live
Date & TimeDec 7, 2023 10:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time
Webinar ID928 6140 6032


Conference Presentations

Presenting Yourself as an Attractive Candidate

A guest presentation from Football Careers, a world leading football recruitment agency with an excellent track record of helping candidates land jobs and achieve promotions via bespoke CV design, Linkedin profile reviews, help with interview preparation, professional presentation design.

Internships - The Pro’s & Con's of a Controversial Practice in the Football Industry

Hear from Dan Ferrar (Academy Performance Manager, Brighton & Hove Albion) & Esther Wills (Head of Performance Analysis & Football Insights, Welsh FA) as they discuss the ins and outs of internships in professional football. Hear about the potential benefits of taking an internship, and the reasons there’s been pushback within the analysis community in recent years regarding this practice. You’ll also hear some key insights about what to look for in an internship, and how to spot some potential red flags in the application process.

Building a Public Portfolio of Work & Non-Club Employment

Originally designed as two separate presentations, it soon became clear these two subjects go hand-in-hand. Hear from some leading public analysis figures like Tom Worville & Carl Carpenter, who both showcased their early-career work publicly on social media before landing a role in football. Also joining us will be Jeremy Steele, (Owner/CEO of Analytics FC) & Tim Keech (Founder, MRKT Insights) who have both employed talented analysts after noticing their great work online. Find out what these industry leaders have learned through their journey and what advice they have for an aspiring analyst.

Is Specialist Analysis the Future of Football?

Football analysis is changing rapidly, and club are beginning to innovate ass they look for marginal gains. In recent years the specialist analysis industry has rightly gathered momentum and we now see individual analysis, coach-analysts & set-piece analysts commonly employed by club. In this discussion you’ll hear from Stuart Reed (freelance set-piece analyst) & Nathan Hurst (Head of Academy Performance Analysis & Individual Development Analyst, Southampton) about their more niche roles in analysis, and their career pathway to get there.

The Changing Face of Analysis Education

As football analysis changes, so must the way analysts are educated. Alex Delves is a former university lecturer in analysis, now working at Sheffield United. APFA CEO Oliver Gage has designed, built & delivered online & in-person analysis events for the past seven years. Hear their thoughts on the current educational landscape, the pros and cons of different pathways and gain a sneak-peek into the APFA’s educational plans for 2024 & beyond.

Meet The Hosts

Liam Henshaw

Liam is a Data Analyst and First Team Scout for Heart of Midlothian FC. His professional journey in football analysis began at Leeds United, followed by roles at Bradford City and Wigan Athletic, throughout which he's accumulating a wealth of experience in the intricacies of player recruitment.In addition to his club roles, Liam founded a Football Recruitment Consultancy, collaborating with various football clubs and agencies in England, and specializing in the use of data in player recruitment.For those interested in exploring his insights further, he maintain's an online presence on LinkedIn and Twitter (@henshawanalytics) and operates a website at On the website, you can also subscribe to his weekly newsletter, "Scouting Spotlight," where he distills key observations from the world of football analysis and scouting.Twitter: @HenshawAnalysis Website:

Chris Gill

Chris has been involved in the sports analysis industry for almost 15 years. This includes starting out as an intern, and then having spells as an academy, first team, and recruitment analyst. More recently, Chris is a founder and director at In-Play Sports and also has a YouTube channel where he shares advice and tips on how to break into the sports analysis industry. The channel includes a podcast where Chris interviews current industry professionals to share their journeys and offer further advice. The channel is a great resource for analysts at all stages of their careers. You can learn more about Chris, over on his website, where you will be able to download a free professional CV template to help you secure your next interview.In-Play Sports – YouTube - Website