I Want Your Help!

For those who don’t know, I set-up this site back in late 2008. At the time I had been asked to present on some coaching courses here in Ireland about Performance Analysis. I wanted to be able to direct coaches to some useful information after my talk – when I started googling I found there was no site dedicated to performance analysis so with no plan I decided to start my own and see what happens….

The response I got and still get to this day has been phenomenal. The site has been a huge help to me professionally (not in $£€) and has afforded me the opportunity to meet and interact with some of the worlds leading performance analysts across a variety of sports. I have learned a huge amount from the experience and I am delighted I begun the project. Over the last 12 of months my day job (and having a baby) has meant that I have had less and less time to dedicate to the site. Despite not writing regulraly on the site the traffic has held its own and remains very steady, however I know with a little bit of effort we could grow to so much more.

I can’t write all the articles myself and I think the site would benefit from having a number of voices on it. So I am asking for your help. 

I would really like to form a team of 10 – 15 contributors who would be willing to write 4/5 articles (or more) a year. They can be regular feature pieces or comments on various events or thoughts you have. My only rules are that it has to about performance analysis and can be deliberately promoting any one product.

If you think you could spare a couple of hours a month to write something interesting I want to hear from you. Please send me an email; [email protected] with some details;

Name, Country, Sport, PA Experience, what area would you most like to write about and Any new ideas for the site.

This should all be quite short a snappy no big essays or anything just want to get an idea of  what skills you could bring to the site.

I am going to set up a page to list all the contributors including a brief bio, and hopefully contributing to the site will be as beneficial to you as it has been for me?




P.S – Thanks to those who have contributed over the last few years, Luke, Dave, Dan & Andy.

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