Google Data Analytics Course

They are designed to prepare learners for an entry-level role in under six months. The certificates don’t have any prerequisites.

The certificates can offer stepping stones to well-paying careers (not just in sports). They will serve a broad range of learners: new grads landing their first job, front-line workers seeking stable employment, mid-career professionals making a pivot, or parents planning their return to the workforce. Each certificate is completely online, self-paced, and costs $39 per month.

As sports teams embrace data analytics the traditonal skillset of a performance analyst is not longer enought to serverall teh aspects of data within a team environment. More and more jobs are asking for data skills, whether that be sql, python, R or data viz skills.

The google course in Data Analytics would offer a great opportunity to learn a range of skills  around data processing, cleaning and visualisation.

In total there are 8 courses that make up the Professional Certification – you can find more details here.

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