Football and Data Conference – 21st May 2014

gun__1330686057_gg_statsAnalysis Marketing are running their second “Football and Data Conference – Use of Data Analysis On and Off the Field” on Wednesday 21st May in The Courtrooms, Browns St Martins Lane in London.

The conference will be taking a further look at the interaction between football and data.

They’ll be taking a look back at the 2013/14 Premier League season and discussing the key points from a number of points of view and looking at the data in ways you’ve possibly never seen before.

Chris Anderson co-author of ‘The Numbers Game’  will be attending to talk about reaction to the book and his thoughts on the current state of analytics in football.

As well as the on-field data, there will also be talks about how data can help improve clubs in ways ranging from Social Media, Injury prevention and fan engagement.

Whether you’re a fan or directly involved in football, the evening will hopefully inform, educate and entertain.

For full details on this conference and to purchase your ticket click on the link below:

If you use the promo code VIDEO you’ll get the event tickets at half price.


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