Diary of a Performance Analyst – Damon Edmonds

Diary of a Performance Analyst – Damon Edmonds

I am always grateful when Performance Analysts are willing to share their experiences and daily routines with others. Below, Damon Edmonds kindly shares what his weekly tasks consist of being a Performance Analysts to both the NSW Waratahs (Super 14) and Warringah RFC (1st Grade).

As you can see he is uning a wide variety of tools in both roles and gaining a huge amount of experience along the way.

Warringah Rugby Club and NSW Waratahs Performance Analysis

Positions: Video Analyst for Warringah Rugby Club (1st Grade and Reserve grade) and Performance Analyst Assistant for NSW Waratahs

Technology: Sportscode GB+ at Warringah Rugby. Dartfish on ipod touch. Mac laptops. Verusco and Fairplay at NSW Waratahs.

Warringah Rugby Club

Match Day

My tasks on match day have evolved over the last three years with the club. Initially, I would code all home games live with a direct feed from the club cameraman and code all away games post match with a dvd. I now get a direct feed from all home and away matches for the best quality possible as well as saving time. (No longer need to wait around for copies of dvds)

This season has been the most interesting and innovative season I have had with the club. I am now involved with two grades which has given me more time to try a few new things. My day will now consist of arriving early to set up the mac to get the direct capture and then set up another laptop with screen share to watch, replay and review the captured game from the cameraman. (The coaches, myself and the second laptop will be located more than 10 metres away with the wireless feed) While the coaches are able to instantly replay particular instances I will code predetermined tasks using my ipod touch to give coaches up to date stats throughout the matches.

Post Match

I will create a team code and an individual code for first grade and a team code for reserve grade. This will generally take me half a day to code and fix any errors or extend play on certain instances. It has taken us the three years to create the right coding windows but I am quite familiar with them now. The individual coding is much more time consuming but this has become the bigger focus for players.


We have only recently started filming some sections of training and this will generally involve a screen sharing replay system. I will record a particular exercise and send the replay through my computer with the screen share.

NSW Waratahs

(I was only involved on match day this season with the Waratahs but hopefully I will have more involvement with training and filming next season.)

Match Day

Myself and another assistant will code all matches live and provide coaches and the Performance Analyst with statistical data throughout the match. I will also set up a laptop to capture another angle from the broadcasting truck for home matches only.


Thanks again to Damon for this. If you have any comments or questions why not leave a comment below.

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