CV Templates

Upgrade your personal brand

Did you know the average employer only looks at each CV for around 6 seconds?

Making a good first impression can be critical to landing an interview, so we hired a professional designer to create editable CV templates to help job seekers.

Using our fully customizable templates, you can quickly & easily create your own modern & stylish CV.

Some companies charge over £200 to write a CV for you. This is a great solution for some, but most people can’t afford this service.

All CV templates can be customized to change colour schemes, font style & size and icons to suit your needs.

Each downloadable template includes:

Click on a CV to see more images & color schemes examples

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each download has five files. Two designed for Mac and two for Windows. Each version has a UK and USA standard size, so you won’t have to adjust page settings. The fifth file is a best-practice guide to help you create the best CV possible, and a link to a walk through video if you need help editing.

Each CV is two pages long, and comes with a cover letter template too.

Every download comes with a best practice guide written by a professional and reviewed by decision makers at clubs. There’s also a walk-through video showing you how to change all the different elements of the CV.

Yes. It’s extremely simple, and you can even add club logos for previous teams you’ve worked for etc.

Everyone’s different of course, but most people can have it done within an hour.

Yes! The colours you see on the images are just examples, you can do whatever you want with the colour schemes

Instantly. As soon as your payment is processed you can download them and start creating your CV.

This is exactly what they are designed for so you can submit applications online. They can also be easily printed in PDF format.