The CV is dead… Are You Ready

seths-blogI saw this blog post recently on Seth Godin’s blog ‘Are You willing to build a trail‘. You really should sign up to Seth’s blog – it’s a great read and in this ADD world it doesn’t take long to read, at times the entire blog post isn’t much longer than a tweet. Seth posted a job advert a few years ago and below are the application questions;

  1. Point to your personal website

  2. Show us some of the projects you’ve led that have shipped and made an impact

  3. Show us work you’ve done on the clock, and how you made it work

  4. Are you restless? What do you make or do in your spare time that leaves a trail and makes an impact?

  5. Find a particularly lame example of UX on the web and fix it into something better than good

  6. What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from Steve Krug or Steve McConnell?

  7. Point to a blog post that changed the way you think about connecting with people online

  8. Have you created anything worth watching on Vimeo or YouTube?

  9. Where do you work now? What’s great about it?

I love this idea and I think you will see much more job applications that look like this. Obviously there will be changes from industry to industry but the idea is brilliant. Leicester City were one of the first jobs I saw advertised this year that didn’t ask for CV. Performance Analysis is a practical industry and job applications should be asking to demonstrate skills. Even if the job doesn’t ask, how great would it be to point a future employer to a blog post, YouTube video or any proof that you can actually do the job. As Seth finishes his post;

If you saw an ad like this today, would you be ready to apply for it? Of course, not everyone posts jobs like this, but if you had a portfolio like this in hand, would it help?
If you work on creating this sort of digital trail and point of view for an hour a day, you’ll be ready in six months… No matter who is running the ad.

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